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Re: Budget – GET TO WORK

Here’s a relatively simple idea…    There are a lot of documented plans and ideas ‘out there’ to solve Washington’s budget problems.   Using this site as an example, the morons our elected officials could:

  • Parse each idea as to category
  • Remove all attribution from each idea
  • Meet and discuss the merits of each idea
  • Vote on each idea
  • Write a plan and budget(s) using the selected ideas

Silly, I know.   It would remove the “it’s our idea” factor – and after all, THAT’s what’s most important, isn’t it?

Good Analysis – will anyone listen to it?

Fareed Zakaria is one of the brightest analyst/journalist we have.   He actually reasons and argues, instead of the partisan crap we get from pundits, and the usual He said/She said laziness we get from most journalists.   Great column today on Libya.

In a literal nutshell

Had another thought that to me summarizes our entirely broken so-called ‘two party system’…

Republican – a true-believing chauvinist that believes only he/she/they can be trusted with any governing or judicial power.   Their ‘philosophy’ – actually almost anything they say – can be translated as “Blah blah blah CUT TAXES blah blah blah FREE MARKET blah blah blah”.   They are a very organized species, as all zealots and ingoramuses are.

Democrat – a loose group of somewhat like-minded, well-meaning do-gooders that actually think serving in the government can in some way help our country  and the world grow into a better place.   No real organization skills, no consistent philosophy, and therefore easily bullied, having no firm strategy of their own.   Will Rogers was more right than he could have known.   I’m not sure whether he’s laughing or spinning in his grave right now.

I don’t like either of these organizations.    But it seems to me that only one of them is remotely likely to try anything ‘different’ that might actually help improve things.

The “Audacity of Nope”

In yet another brazen, clueless display of pure chutzpah (to be generous) – or more properly, arrogant, ignorant cojones-based posturing (with a little tone of racial condescension tossed in), some in the GOP have ‘scolded’ (CNN’s word, not mine) the President in and after a closed-door meeting to discuss how they can work together on upcoming initiatives.

From CNN’s Ticker today –

But Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tennessee, painted a less rosy picture of the encounter, telling CNN’s Dana Bash that he accused the president during the meeting of taking an excessively partisan approach to critical issues such as financial reform, and then having the “audacity” to come to the Senate GOP conference and use the Republicans as election year “props.”

“I said I realize we are props in this meeting and asked how do you reconcile that duplicity? It obviously hit a nerve,” he said. “For the president to come in and for us not to have a frank conversation is a wasted opportunity.”

Duplicity?    This claim from members of the party whose stated strategy is simply to oppose whatever the Democrats propose?    The GOP is asking us to accept the proposition that, since the Democrats will not simply implement the GOP’s agenda for them, it is the Democrats who are refusing to work in a bipartisan fashion.  

How’s that again???

Since the days of Newt Gingrich, the GOP has more and more adopted this strategy: that their best option is simply (and almost purely) to block the Democrat’s progress in order to gain/regain control of one or both houses of Congress.   Then, they can implement ‘their’ agenda and not worry as much about bipartisanship.

But here’s the real duplicity: the Democrats have shown themselves (e.g., starting in 1994) – almost every time – more willing to work in a truly bipartisan fashion.   Look up the details for yourself at sites like OpenCongress and the government’s own site.   I’m not going to do your research for you

I am not a Democrat, and I am not a Republican – I am aligned with neither organization.   I am essentially a fiscal conservative whose social sensibilities are informed by my core: my Christian Faith.   [As an aside – people like Glenn Beck who say that  words like “Social Justice”, when used in Churches, are ‘warning signs’ –  try actually reading the Bible (especially the Gospels).   The only ‘danger’ here is the danger of actually practicing Christianity.   As G. K. Chesterton wrote – “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.” – Chapter 5, What’s Wrong With The World, 1910]   And I am certainly NOT saying that either party is more virtuous than the other – that idea is laughable.   Miguel Estrada summed up the basic absurdity in the Republican vs Democrat “Cry foul!!” nonsense (in his endorsement of Elena Kagan) – I won’t belabor it here.

I’m more and more frustrated, and I become more convinced every year that the only way to stop this cycle in Washington is to vote every one of these morons (i.e., anyone currently serving in Congress) out, and continue to do that until ‘they’ start to get the message that we send them there to do a job – not to posture and war until the next election.   Jim Gearhart (a NJ radio personality) calls it GRIP – Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians.

Intelligent exercise of the right to vote (to paraphrase Heinlein) is diffficult – it takes work.   But shouldn’t we expect more from our elected representatives – and of ourselves….?


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