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Good Analysis – will anyone listen to it?

Fareed Zakaria is one of the brightest analyst/journalist we have.   He actually reasons and argues, instead of the partisan crap we get from pundits, and the usual He said/She said laziness we get from most journalists.   Great column today on Libya.

In a literal nutshell

Had another thought that to me summarizes our entirely broken so-called ‘two party system’…

Republican – a true-believing chauvinist that believes only he/she/they can be trusted with any governing or judicial power.   Their ‘philosophy’ – actually almost anything they say – can be translated as “Blah blah blah CUT TAXES blah blah blah FREE MARKET blah blah blah”.   They are a very organized species, as all zealots and ingoramuses are.

Democrat – a loose group of somewhat like-minded, well-meaning do-gooders that actually think serving in the government can in some way help our country  and the world grow into a better place.   No real organization skills, no consistent philosophy, and therefore easily bullied, having no firm strategy of their own.   Will Rogers was more right than he could have known.   I’m not sure whether he’s laughing or spinning in his grave right now.

I don’t like either of these organizations.    But it seems to me that only one of them is remotely likely to try anything ‘different’ that might actually help improve things.

File under “Try Actual Research”

As further evidence of the laziness of our so-called “News Media”, look no further than the pathetic reporting (both For and Against) on Texas’s proposed changes to their Social Studies curriculum.

I’ve read

It’s so sad…

…that the GOP has spent so many years trying to demonize even the word ‘liberal’. Read any of  the ocean of GOP (or so-called ‘conservative’) blogs and outlets, and you’ll find out that being liberal means:

  • You Hate America
  • You Hate the Military (even if you served honorably in it)
  • You Hate Small and Big Businesses – except for the oxymoronic ‘fact’ that you secretly pander to them
  • You Hate God, Christ – anything but Atheism and ‘Allah’ (but, gee – isn’t that just Arabic for “God”? hmm…)
  • You enjoy seeing America Fail
  • You Wish America was More Like Europe

Well… I could go on, but why?   Strange how a type of political movement that claimed membership from Teddy Roosevelt to Paul Wellstone – both known as Pretty Decent Human Beings – could be so, well, Evil.

The idea of creating this impression – and it has been calculated and effective, especially since the Reagan years (and yes, I voted for and still admire Reagan for the most part) – must have seemed very clever way back when.   But now it is a key element in the essential and disgusting inability of our elected representatives in Washington to get anything done.  How can one make any deal, or even negotiate, with an Enemy so against Everything We Stand For?

It’s asinine.

I am an independent Christian.  To me,  unless you are a historically provable Wrong Road (think Nazism,Totalitarianism in all its shapes and fancy labels), then you are simply different, and different is not Evil (tho it can be scary, especially to the ignorant).

My Country is the greatest constitutional democracy in the history of this planet.   But we are Not Perfect.   Since the predominant political philosophies right now are labeled Conservatism and Liberalism, let’s be grown-ups and admit that the two camps simply disagree with one another on a host of issues.  But neither has a monopoly on The Truth, and neither is Evil or even Anti-American.

In the words of the junior Senator from Minnesota – both Conservatives and Liberals Love Our Country.  But the current GOP uses language that makes you think of the Love a child has for Daddy & Mommy – even the suggestion that Our Country needs to Improve (or even admit mistakes) is abhorrent.   Most honest Liberals (again, think of TR and Senator Wellstone) think like dedicated parents of growing children – we Love them, but think they can do better.

We can do better.


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