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Bloviating Blowholes – an Unending Outgassing

Today’s (and the last week’s or so) chapter – Peter King of NY.

This nitwit is so deperate to make a scandal out of the tragedy of Benghazi that he refuses even to listen to David Petraeus (at least according to initial reports after today’s hearing).

Dimwit version of testimony and the initial reports after the event:  ““Now, he clearly believes that it did not arise out of a demonstration,” said  Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) “It was not spontaneous, and [there was] clear  terrorist involvement.”  [Read more at: ]

Actually, Ambassador Rice never said that the attack was definitively spontaneous and caused by the film or “arose out of a demostration”.

A more, shall we say, reasoned (than reactive) understanding of inital reports and Ambassador Rice’s comments might be:

  • There were protests
  • Extremists took advantage of the protests to attack the compound

But that isn’t as exciting as seeking a scandal, is it?

It’s tragic enough that we were unprepared for such an attack, and that good people died.   This is a problem that must be analyzed, and prevented from recurring if possible.

But must Republicans (and the salivating media) always be so desperate for the next [fill blank]-Gate that we can’t actually look at facts before we fart from our mouths?

The GOP is Still Afraid of Math and Science

Proof?  This is their reasoning so far regarding the results of the national election:

Senate:        GOP loses seats +
House:         GOP loses seats +
President:   GOP loses
= GOP has mandate to preserve tax cuts for “Job Creators”

David Stockman Knows S***

David Stockman (Reagan’s first Budeget Director, and himself a Private Equity pioneer) explains Mitt Romney’s fabulous (or is it “fabled”?) business experience.

Read it

Mitt the Unprepared

I’m bothered by a growing sense that Mr. Romney just doesn’t seem to take seriously the need to prepare and understand the issues he discusses.   The latest case in point – his comments in Israel regarding role of different factors in the prosperity of nations (N.B. the words in the speech were pretty much verbatim from Romney’s book “No Apology: Believe in America”).   He mischaracterized and showed a deplorably shallow read of one of the greatest books of recent times – Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel”.  If you haven’t read it, you should – if you’re interested in the arc of history.

I’ll let Mr. Diamond speak – here

Define “Successful”

Do Mitt Romney and other so-called conservatives think that only people above a certain income level (e.g., above $1M) are “successful”…?

I’m no millionaire – but I ain’t poor. And I consider myself pretty successful. I have 4 great kids, a wife I adore, good family and friends around me, and a job I generally enjoy and get to do good work at.

So – who is dividing us….?

Pathetic so-called Press

Why is our press so pathetic?    The answer: Access.     They crave the access they have to our government functionaries and the power structure, and they know that if they confront them or anger them, they may lose that access.   Pretty sad.

All I want is to see some actual pointed questions asked.   For example, the Republicans love to use the focus-tested term “Class Warfare”.   Fine.    But they are allowed to turn around and use other focus-tested terms like “broaden the tax base” without challenge.   Why won’t any reporter ask any GOP hack, “But isn’t that just Class Warfare by another name?   Isn’t your point that a large number of ‘not rich’ folks aren’t paying enough?”   Instead, our heroic reporters nod their heads and congratulate themselves on letting Both Sides tell their story.

I dream, I now…

Good Analysis – will anyone listen to it?

Fareed Zakaria is one of the brightest analyst/journalist we have.   He actually reasons and argues, instead of the partisan crap we get from pundits, and the usual He said/She said laziness we get from most journalists.   Great column today on Libya.

How about some more facts…? OK, some opinion, too (venting)

The deal announced by congressional leaders and the white house may or may not pass and become law.   But that’s beside the point – the damage has already been done.

The US will no longer be seen as the safest investment in the world (T-bills and the like, in case you don’t understand how our debt – and investment in the US – works).

TEA – Taxed Enough Already – Give me a break.   We are undertaxed based on what we want from our Government.   Many older folks think back to the Golden Years of the 1950s as The Way Things Used to Be and Oughtta Be Again.   My suggestion to the TEA-cells: Go look up the tax rates in the 1950s.   Once you look them up, and after you pick your jaw up off the ground, think about this: the US was the only major industrial economy not only undamaged by WWII, but strengthened by it.   We boomed because we were the only player.   The great thing about us is that we used those riches to rebuild many of those damaged economies – including those of our enemies.   And what thanks did/do we get??   Wait – that’s another essay entirely…

“It’s your/our/my money” – Really?   Take out any denomination – paper or coin – where do you see your name on it?  Our economy’s medium of exchange (our money) is an agreement we have with our Government to guarantee the payment of obligations (“public & private”).   We are not in a barter system, where I exchange what I make for what you make.  In short – it’s the Government’s money.   Taxes are the ‘rent’ we pay for use of that medium, and for the services we want from our Government.   You might also want to read what Jesus had to say about taxes.

Tax-cutting, or any flavor of “low taxes are good” is not a Principle – it is a strategy, a policy choice.   Given what we expect of our Government, it’s a pretty stupid policy choice.   But it’s an easy sell – like offering candy to children.   Who would argue with “I’ll lower your taxes”…?

God save us… with the TEA-GOP bozos emboldened by their ‘victory’, and the Dems in their usual state of uselessness… this ain’t over – not by a light-year.

“Birther” shmurther

Does anyone really think that this will shut up the crazies?   Please.   There is a large sub-species/population that simply cannot stand having that n****r in the White House as President.   They will find some other ‘obvious flaws’ that inauthenticate even this document.

Why have these folks not been satisfied by a legal process that worked fine for at least one Senator (Inouye) and one actor (Keanu Reeves)…?   If the answer isn’t obvious by now, then you must have your head up your ass.

Further:   the first person to try to compare this to the criticisms of George W. Bush (e.g., the facts of his privileged “Play Army” avoidance of real service in Vietnam, and the Supreme Court’s decision to tell a State Government (FL – remember) that it had to stop its own election process, including recounts and verifications)   should be slapped in the face with the largest fish locally available.

With so much of  the rest of the world struggling to establish real democracy – based on what we once were – we give the world a circus.

In a literal nutshell

Had another thought that to me summarizes our entirely broken so-called ‘two party system’…

Republican – a true-believing chauvinist that believes only he/she/they can be trusted with any governing or judicial power.   Their ‘philosophy’ – actually almost anything they say – can be translated as “Blah blah blah CUT TAXES blah blah blah FREE MARKET blah blah blah”.   They are a very organized species, as all zealots and ingoramuses are.

Democrat – a loose group of somewhat like-minded, well-meaning do-gooders that actually think serving in the government can in some way help our country  and the world grow into a better place.   No real organization skills, no consistent philosophy, and therefore easily bullied, having no firm strategy of their own.   Will Rogers was more right than he could have known.   I’m not sure whether he’s laughing or spinning in his grave right now.

I don’t like either of these organizations.    But it seems to me that only one of them is remotely likely to try anything ‘different’ that might actually help improve things.


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