About the Idiot and his Blog

Who I am (and am not)

  • Somewhat mixed heritage & race – a mutt (‘merikun)
  • Born and raised in an inner city, left for The Country as my hometown died in the 1970s
  • Independent-minded Christian.  I am not aligned with any political philosophy or party
  • Having screwed up in most of the ways a person can, at one time or another, I hope  I’ve learned… something.
  • Suffering from a chronic condition that may shorten the time I have to pay God back for the blessings he has given me.
  • Married twice; have 4 kids
  • Nerdy geek


What I will do – my principles/commitments on this blog

  • Hoping to vent – get things off my chest.   If folks enjoy my drivel, fine.   If not – I enjoyed drooling it.
  • I will not link to other opinions as my ‘evidence’.   I will cite and provide only actual sources wherever possible (legal opinions. actual Bills in congress, etc) when making a fact-based argument.
  • I may link to funny videos (esp Stewart & Colbert).
  • I will invite discussion, but I expect it to be civil and mature – and I will be the arbiter.    I will attempt to contribute according to the same standard, tho my “Venting” entires may fall below standard from time to time.

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