Too Funny

Governor Romney calling Obama’s “… campaign tactics “disgusting” and “demeaning,” adding: “It’s something which I think the president should take responsibility for and stop.”  This regarding questioning the practices of Bain Capital, Romney’s main claim to business expertise.

This from a party and campaign saying that the current President is “taking away our Freedoms” and “Attacking the Constitution”, and the usual “Taking away our Guns”.

Funny and sad…

Look – I am convinced that Mr. Romney had no operational role at Bain after he left for the Olympics in SLC.   But that’s not the point.   Romney wants to distance himself from what Bain did after 1999, because that’s when most of the deals were done that had “politically unpalatable content and consequences” (read as increased use of outsourcing/offshoring and other such US job losing tactics).   Understandable – but does he want us to belive that Bain ‘suddenly’ changed tactics after he left?   Did they begin operating in a way that was objectionable – to Romney?   If so, he should say so.   If not, he should explain why their tactics were ok.  After all, he helped found the company.

Is Romney proud of the company he started, or not?

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