Venting and more venting…

Paul Ryan – “Rights do not come from Government, they come from Our Creator”. Really? What an ignoramus. In a cloak of Catholicism, this twit forgets that all so-called “rights” are abstract, and only have reality when there is a way of enforcing them. Right to Life? Tell that to the kid that just died as ‘collateral damage’ to a military bombing.

We live in a federal democracy. We agree on what our rights are, and we agree on how to help enforce them (i.e., make sure they are uniformly proected and applied).

Don’t confuse ‘rights’ with morality.

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  1. Will on

    Hey you idiot!

    I agree totally with your point…let’s just leave ‘God’ _out_ of our civic life, and “Go F yourselves all you Born-Agains, Evangels, Fundamentalists, etc. Keep your Jesus crap to yourselves. If I want any of what you got ( I don’t), I’ll ask.

    However, (being the good English teacher I never wuz) we could get into a semantics issue here:


    from- [New Oxford Dictionary]
    1) that which is morally correct, just, or honorable: she doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong | the rights and wrongs of the matter.
    2) a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way: [ with infinitive ] : she had every right to be angry | you’re quite right.”

    Hmmm…this definition of rights sort of blind sided me too.

    Like you – you idiot – When I talk “rights” I’m not talking “morality.” At least I didn’t think I was.

    But If Oxford insists upon “rights” being closely tied to morality, then mebbe we need to re-word the premise?

    Philosophy 101 profs invariably bring up the difference between Natural Rights of persons {from God, the Creator, Jesus, the Bleeding Heart of Mary, Mohammed, etc. – all sacred or metaphysical sources}, and Human (or Legal) Rights {made by people and codified into law}.

    OK, that makes sense, no?

    I think you and I are talking about the latter – Legal Human Rights, not the former.

    But the argument turns against itself when you think about – oh no, not THIS! – the natural “rights” of the unborn, versus the legal rights of women to control their own bodies. Abortion. boom! ouch! please stop me from banging my ahead against this bloody brick wall…

    In my own mind, I go primitive on the topic of abortion. Throughout the millennia of humankind walking this Earth (approx. 250,00 years BP), female persons _have_ practised infanticide. In many situations and in different variations: starvation, death by giving birth, to control family size, to control the gender mix in society. AND upon unborn fetuses right on through to fully born infants.

    Anthropologists recorded this behaviour practically in every primitive culture anywhere in the word. Women have had their reasons, and their decisions were respected and accepted in society.

    Unfortunately, the Church got it’s prudential nose into “rights talk,” . So the Pope claims the infallible “right” (!!) to dictate all manner of rights – “Natural” _and_ “Legal.” Hmm. Nice-job-if-you-can-get- it

    Today’s pope-ish Right-to-Lifers, it would seem, would just as soon shoot a pregnant woman dead between the eyes as countenance her having an abortion -ay any stage of gestation!

    And they call THAT a “right”? I’m glad I was born male, I’d hate to have The Church Ladies riding my back, telling me all about my own goddam business!

    So, idiot, we’ve come full circle : Rights are man-made, and totally apart from morality…Oxford Dictionary says rights and morals go hand-in-hand…I say Church Ladies Shut UP and get off my cloud, Rights are what We The People say they are!

    So who’s the idiot now, I ask yew?

    PS: idiot, yer “like” button isn’t working right. I tried to “Like” this post, but the dialogue box for my id appears chopped in half. go figure. anyway, “I like.”

  2. anidiot on

    Understood. Remember that the dictionary is a current agreement on usage – not absolute meaning. We could go for hours semantically :-). I was just teed off at these Holier-than-Thous like Ryan….

    • Will on

      Ya, I getcha! …I Second That Emoticon.

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