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CPAC Run; Run CPAC, Run

It doesn’t help the so-called “CPAC” when their most fervent reception is given to a Quitter.

Attack on Religion? I think Not

Clumsiness & stupidity, yes.

What is the Obama administrations greatest error in the continuing flap over so-called “reproductive health care”…?   Simple – they foolishly based their statutory language on laws currently on the books in many states.   Technically, not an entirely bad approach.

Why was that foolish?    Easy answer – most folks are completely ignorant about what their State’s laws are.   There is no news outlet – cable or local – that focuses on such detail ( at least not with any regularity).   All the news does is work to get us upset over ‘National Issues”.  Better ratings that way.

And then how does the News bear its responsibility to inform the Public?   “Not well at all” is the kindest way to put it.

Example from February 10: Wolf Blitzer, the deer-in-the-headlights Star of His Own Show on CNN, listened politely to Rick Santorum say that not only was President Obama attacking Religious Freedom, but that the President was “attacking Freedom Itself!!!”   What was the Wolf’s answer?   Did he ask the former Senator to back up such inflammatory rhetoric with any Facts?

Nope.   He said “Thank you for talking with us.”

Useless.   With Reagan, Clinton, W, and now President Obama, the pathetic press has sat on the sidelines and allowed an escalating war of words and images to be propagated without challenge.   Investigative Journalism?   Give me a break.   They are so afraid of losing access, of offending either party, that they allow virtually anything  to be said on the air, under their nose, on their byline.   They have become nothing more than large outlets.

Which leads me to this – what do you call an outlet that only spews crap?


More On Money

“Citizens United” – what’s the stupidest thing about that decision?   For me, it’s the twin concepts of ‘Corporate Personhood’ and ‘Money = Speech’.

Wow.   I have to think that our Founders and Framers would be a little bit disappointed in us.   For me, it’s pretty self-evident, but let’s see if we can walk thru this slowly.

Corporations are legal relationships amongst people gathered for a profitable enterprise – the people running the enterprise and the people they’ve asked to give them money for a reasonable rate of return (their shareholders).   Want it even more simple?   PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE.  CORPORATIONS ARE AGREEMENTS BETWEEN PEOPLE.   Corporations are what’s called abstract – drawn up, basically (bear with me etymologically).   It’s a form of financial partnership (hear the money words? that’s why these are twin concepts!).

Now let’s take money (yeah, lots of it ha ha ha).   Money is a method of exchange for value given (or taken).   More simply – money is what we use to buy stuff.

Speech – that’s people talking, writing.  Talking and writing to each other, about each other, with each other.   Sometimes you can use money to get someone to talk.   These are usually called speeches.  You can use money to get someone to write.   These are called (among other things) ‘books’.

With me so far?   No?   Let’s try this:   MONEY IS FOR PURCHASING.   SPEECH IS TALKING and WRITING.  THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING.   Political money is spent to buy things.   When one gives money to someone, some form of performance or value is expected in return.   Now many (including a majority on the Supreme Court, unfortunately) seem to think that money is simply part of our public discourse.   But what does your conscience tell you?  What does the evidence of what is happening to our public discourse tell you?  Is money speech, or is it (still and always) for buying stuff?


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