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Pathetic so-called Press

Why is our press so pathetic?    The answer: Access.     They crave the access they have to our government functionaries and the power structure, and they know that if they confront them or anger them, they may lose that access.   Pretty sad.

All I want is to see some actual pointed questions asked.   For example, the Republicans love to use the focus-tested term “Class Warfare”.   Fine.    But they are allowed to turn around and use other focus-tested terms like “broaden the tax base” without challenge.   Why won’t any reporter ask any GOP hack, “But isn’t that just Class Warfare by another name?   Isn’t your point that a large number of ‘not rich’ folks aren’t paying enough?”   Instead, our heroic reporters nod their heads and congratulate themselves on letting Both Sides tell their story.

I dream, I now…


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